That Honda in front of you might have an Ada-made part

Ada Technologies, better known locally as ATI, sits on the east edge of town where the company has produced parts for Honda and other auto manufacturers for over 20 years.

Scot Andrews, sales manager, spoke recently at the Ada Chamber of Commerce monthly membership meeting in McIntosh Center.

Andrews, who has been with ATI for 10.5 years, said:

  • The Ada facility primarily produces transmission-related components and gear shifters for automobiles and all-terrain vehicles, in addition to shift knobs.
  • Most of their parts are shipped to Honda, but they also have business with Nissan and JATCO.
  • Ada Technologies employs 353 associates at the time of this writing. They expect manpower to remain at about the same level for the next few years.
  • Ada Technologies is committed in the long-term to both Ada and Hardin County.
  • The Ada plant has 135,000 sq. ft. of space and owns 46 acres of land along SR 81 on the east side of Ada.
  • Warehouse  expansions to the facility were added in the years 2000, 2004, 2006, and 2013.
  • To apply for a job, call (419) 634-7000.
  • ATI is not a publicly traded company. Ada Technologies is 100% owned by their headquarters Atsumitec; located in Hamamatsu Japan. Ada Technologies is a Honda-affiliate supplier.
  • The global Atsumitec president, Hideyuki  “Bobbyi” Suzuki, visited the local plant last week. The Ada Technologies President is Noriyuki “Nori” Suzuki.
  • The company has manufacturing facilities in 8 countries and 10 locations.
  • Their motto: We Deliver, We Outperform.