Mission Statement

Ada Technologies Inc., is committed to the timely development,  manufacturing, and delivery of quality products which offer value, innovation, function and customer satisfaction in an environmentally responsible manner.


Ada Technologies Inc. recognizes its obligation as a responsible corporate citizen and will conduct its manufacturing operations according to the following principles:


~ Conduct business with integrity, social and environmental responsibility, and a global perspective.
~ Strengthen team performance and individual capability.
~ Pursue goals and accept challenges with energy, perseverance, commitment and creativity.



~ Committed to meeting the requirements and needs of the customer.
~ Continually improve and review the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS).
~ Ensure QEMS communication and understanding within ATI.


~ Continually improve the environmental system.
~ Conduct operations in a manner that prevents pollution and conserves resources.
~ Comply with all applicable environmental requirements as mandated.



As part of ATI’s environment strategy, Ada Technologies Inc. is committed through applying Best Management Practices toward energy realizing as high a level of efficiency throughout its facilities, plant and equipment, as it is practicable to do, by:

~ Working to improve cost-effectiveness, productivity and working conditions
~ Consuming fuels and energy as efficiently as is practical.
~ Working to gain control over our energy consumption by reviewing and improving our purchasing, operating, motivation and training practices.