Equipment Information

Ada Technologies continually pursues the resourceful use and optimization of its machining processes to achieve internationally competitive costs through high efficiency and productivity, while also maintaining reliable product quality. Established engineering performance, solid craftsmanship and proven production processes, form the foundation of our superiority.

Ada Technologies production lines have implemented advanced automation technology and reliable manufacturing processes. Ada Technologies precision components can be assembled in our dedicated clean environment room if required.

At Ada Technologies, it’s important to us to develop the processes and solutions to address the challenges you face every day in your effort to make what matters. Whether it’s addressing the unique challenges of a particular material or finding newer, more creative ways to give you even the smallest competitive edge, ADA Technologies can design a solution for your needs

Equipment Count Manufacturer(s)
CNC Lathe 22 Murata, Okuma, Takamaz
Swiss Style Lathe 5 Tsugami
CNC Mill 44 Okuma, Kira, Hardinge, Brother, Enshu
Assembly Equipment 39 Atsumitec, JR Automation, Dallas Design, Ada Technologies, OKAYA, Buckeye Machine
Hobbing Machines 4 Mitsubishi
CNC Grinders 33 Studer, Kondo, Toyo, Nihon Seiki, Shigiya, Cincinnati Milicron
HFQ 2 High Frequency Application Co. LTD
Robots 30 Fanuc, Star, Sepro, Netliner
Welders – Plasma 9 Atsumitec Co.
Welders – Laser 1 Honda Engineering