Ada Technologies
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our approach to CSR

As a global company, Ada Technologies will conduct business activities based on our Atsumitec Headquarters Basic Policy, complying with laws and regulations with a sincere mind. In every country and region in the world, through various business activities, Ada Technologies and Atsumitec will take the initiative to contribute towards sustainable development of society and earth through business activities.

Furthermore, we will endeavor to maintain and improve a healthy relationship with our stakeholders, including but not limited to customers, shareholders, employees and business partners, through open and fair communication

1. Ada Technologies Basic Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Create new value for our customers with a positive contribution to society.

Mission Statement

Ada Technologies Inc. is committed to the timely development, manufacturing and delivery of quality products which offer value, innovation, function and customer satisfaction in an environmentally responsible manner.

Code of Conduct

    • Demonstrate a challenging spirit
    • Respect the value of time for yourself, your company and our customers
    • Promote ingenuity throughout
    • Value teamwork
    • Carry out our plans with tenacity

Corporate Vision

We will keep our aspirations high, refine the wisdom and skills of all members, acquire the utmost trust of our customers, and link these towards perpetuating the evolution of our company.

2. Sustainability Management


(1) Compliance

In addition to observing laws and agreements, we will perform our activities in accordance to the morals and norms of society, with suitable and responsible business manners.

Ethics Violation Reporting Window

We will prepare and operate an internal reporting system to have a seal of confidentiality, fair action, and guarantee whistleblower protection(no repercussions by reporting etc.)as well as monitor the penetration of business ethics.

Ban on Any Relations with Antisocial Forces

We will ban any relations with antisocial forces along with an attitude of resolution, and an unyielding denial to their unreasonable demands.

Activity Toward Bribery Prevention

We will follow all applicable bribery prevention laws in every country and region (including FCPA、Bribery Act 2010 and others known or unknown), and not supply monies as a return for providing conveniences or business nor make any such offers or promises to civil servants or sub-civil servants (including public officials of domestic/overseas and international organizations etc.). In addition to these, we will utilize the same manners and rules towards customers and business partners as well.

Prevention of Anti-Competitive Acts and Unfair Trade

We will avoid violations of any competition laws and regulations in every country, and shall always focus on fair and free trade between corporations. We will not abuse a dominant position over business partners to cause them any disadvantage.

Conflict Minerals Controls and Its Policy

We have no intention of being complicit in the abuse of human rights, environmental destruction, nor the disputes, with procurement of material, product, or parts that use minerals related to the conflict. Additionally, in respect for human rights, environmental protection, and in order to avoid involvement in the conflict, we will go forward with efforts to avoid complicity, working together with our Suppliers, various customer, and business partners.

Import/Export Regulations Compliance

In addition to import/export of products, we will observe any law and regulation regarding the import/export of any goods and technologies. We will obey internal regulations to control import/export activities effectively and confirm final users and purpose of use.


(2) Safety and Quality

In addition to meeting the laws and regulations of safety, quality and environment, we will develop and manufacture products to satisfy the demands and needs of society at a high level for safety and reliability.

Quality Basic Policy

We are committed to meeting the requirements and needs of the customer. We will continually improve and review the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental System (QEMS). We will ensure QEMS communication and understanding within Ada Technologies Inc.

Quality Enhancement Promotion Plans

To prevent the occurrence of quality defects, we will prepare standards for each parts, processes and operation and decide manufacturing control methods from a confirmation of quality level fluctuation. This will then be fed back to the R & D process to make parts uniform.

San-Gen Principal

Based on San-Gen principal, we will audit internally at the actual place of work, production floor or gemba; the actual product or gembutsu; the real facts and data or jujitsu, as well as business partners’ (including subcontractors and suppliers) processes, and their quality management system and its practice as well as its effectiveness.

Quality Control Education

We will train on quality control skills corresponding with each qualification and operation level of our associates in order to raise their skill levels in regards to quality assurance and its advancement.


(3) Human Rights and Labor Environment

We will respect international standards to prevent taking part in human rights violations.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Employment

We will avoid discrimination regarding nationality, birthplace, race, religion, gender, age, illness and any handicap.

Promotion of Women’s Success

We will strive to raise the ratio of female management.

Global Human Resource Appointment Activity

We will promote the increase of non-Japanese ratio in management level at our global facilities.

Working Environment Management

We will maintain a working environment where each individual’s abilities can be fully demonstrated.

Preventive Actions for Harassment

We will respect everyone’s personalities and human rights, never deny nor harass by word or deed. We will avoid speech or behavior which causes someone discomfort and harassment, will create a working place comfortable for all the people to work, including LGBT people.

※LGBT is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender.

Preventive Action for Child Labor

Of course there will be no child labor and forced labor at our sites, and neither will it be acceptable at our business partners, including their sub-contractors and suppliers.

Prohibition of Forced Labor

All the employees shall be hired of their free will and never be forced to work. Neither will it be acceptable at our business partners, including their sub-contractors and suppliers.

Respect Basic Labor Rights

Based on the laws and regulations of each country and region, we respect an employee’s basic labor rights, rights to organize and rights to collective bargaining.


(4) Environment

We will manage all manufacturing processes, from material procurement through

production and logistics, aiming to reduce our burden on the environment in order to realize a sustainable society.

Environmental Basic Policy

We will aim to continually improve the Environmental Management System. We will conduct operations in a manner that prevents pollution and conserves our valuable resources. We will comply with all applicable environmental requirements as mandated.

Environmental Conservation

We will make every effort to conserve the environment by obeying laws and regulations regarding the environment and by proactive/self-driven activity towards improvement with participation by all members.

Promotion of 3R Activity and Proper Waste Handling

We will ensure proper handling of waste, identifying the effective use of resources as a theme to promote 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) activity.


(5) Risk Management

We will continually evaluate possible risks associated with the continuation and development of our business, then prepare the necessary fortification and adequate prevention measures.

Business Continuity Plan(BCP)

To protect all human life related to our business activities, we shall maintain an emergency preparedness plan and efficiently inform the work place in the  event of such occurrence. In the event that such a contingency plan is  executed, we will work to establish a Business Continuity Plan to recover our core business activities promptly.

Prohibition of the Misuse of Company Assets

Regardless of material that is deemed important or inconsequential, there will be no misuse and misappropriation of company assets.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

We shall properly acquire rights in accordance to relative laws and regulations, recognize and respect the rights of others and will not infringe upon them.

Confidential Information Control

We will appropriately manage and control all information which must be kept confidential, and prevent its disclosure or use without the consent of those with proper authority. Upon acceptance of confidential information from others, we will accept from those with proper authority, through proper resources and will use the information within the scope of purpose based on contracts as agreed.

Protection of Personal Information

We will handle and control personal information with proper confidentiality, to avoid its outflow and misuse, in accordance with laws and internal rules.

Appropriate Use for Data Network Systems

We will adopt protective measures against threats on computer networks to prevent damage to ourselves and others.


(6) Information Disclosure

Timely Release of Information

We will disclose and release important information regarding our company, such as financial information, in a timely and accurate manner.

Guarantee of Financial Report Appropriateness

We will report and disclose facts accurately regarding corporate information, such as financial information. We will prepare financial reports to indicate our financial condition, profit and loss information accurately based on accounting standards, corporate accounting principles, and applicable laws.

Prohibition of Unfair Insider Trading / Market Manipulation

In such case there is awareness of significant and meaningful information regarding listed companies and its subsidiaries, we will not trade and transact securities etc. of those companies and will not disclose to them to others before an official announcement is released.


3. Activities toward the Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society

As a corporate citizen, we will contribute to society and towards its development.

*Enactment:March 1st, 2018