Quality System Enhancement at Atsumitec Russia and China Locations

With an ever-increasing focus on quality improvements within the global Atsumitec Group, Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho Russia (ATTR) and Atsumitec Foshan China (AFS) was able to successfully achieve Certification in ISO/TS 16949 in October of 2017. This is the 2nd Atsumitec location to achieve ISO/TS 16949 certification following Atsumitec Foshan China (AFS) in 2013. These quality milestones are the result of corporate-wide activities towards the construction of our Quality System and  focused training within all Atsumitec group locations on deepened understanding of Manufacturing Processes and Quality definitions and problem solving skills and data analysis.

Now that ISO/TS 16949 has been revised to International Automotive Task Force (IATF) 16949,it will be necessary to undergo a transition audit in 2018 (4th Qtr.) ATTR has already started promoting these transition activities with a goal of successfully achieving IATF 16949 certification. Atsumitec Foshan China (AFS) has already undertaken activities towards IATF 16949 evolution and underwent a successful transition audit in December of 2017.