Atsumitec Headquarters Commences CVT Stator Shaft Production

Atsumitec (Japan) Headquarters Commences Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Stator Shaft Production with The Very Latest Technology Advancements Newest Line Start-up: LL Stator (August)

Following CVT Stator Shaft production starting at ADA Technologies (United States)in 2012 and Atsumitec China in 2014, Atsumitec (Japan) commenced CVT Stator, Shaft production in August 2017, with a fully automated production line equipped with the very latest technology in Japan. With “short processing,” integrating both the Lathe and Grinding through COMP/ASSY, Atsumitec has significantly improved their competitiveness with the incorporation of new technology such as a 6-bolt simultaneous torqueing on the Flange and multi-head simultaneous processing with the use of a versatile gang head. Quality enhancements were achieved by split-processing where the machining load was the highest while machinability is stabilized, allowing improved machining precision. These improvements and process methodology enrichments will be feed forward to the next generation new models and global customer benefit.